What do these kits do?

These are chemical solutions that respond to discoloration when contact with certain substances.
The main use of these tests is to confirm that this is the material you thought you were.
Of course, these tests do not match a lab test, but this is the best home solution.

Which kit to use?

On the page of each product there is a color table containing the common materials for which the test responds and a brief description.
A complete list of materials for each test can be found on its Wikipedia page.

Why are the tests cheap compared to other sites like dancesafe or bunk police?

We do not think there is a need to overcharge a basic product like test kits.
We believe in harm reduction and manufacture our tests from high quality chemicals that are identical to any other company in style, only with a more reasonable price.

How do I use this kit?

The test is very simple.
Take a sample of the material you want to check and drip a little bit of the liquid on it (it is important to use protective gloves !!!).
Instructions for use and safety are attached to each test and you can always contact us at mrsafety98@gmail.com

How to store my kits?

It is important to store in the freezer for maximum shelf life.

My test kit changed the color

Nothing to worry about. Some test kits change the color after a period of time.

How do I know if my test kits are still good?

You can check with aspirin or sugar to check the validity of test kit.
In Erlich’s case, it is possible to check with melatonin powder.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card, Paypal or Bitcoin.